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AJ Fernandez "Nicaraguan Series" Toro Cigar

Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez Toro cigars display this industry icon’s amazing blending skills in the form of a Nicaraguan puro rolled with only the best-quality tobaccos found in the country. A gorgeous looking cigar in a very popular 6 x 52-ring format, this slow burning gem coats the palate with balanced notes of pepper, coffee, spice, and a rich earthy sweetness throughout. The affordable price, amazing flavor, and solid medium-bodied profile, will appeal to newcomers and veteran smokers alike.

Having a day off, I've made myself a cup of coffee and I'm about to smoke this l'il beauty. Now if you will excuse me, I shall endeavour to find my cutter, and begin the frivolities of enjoying this fine stick.

Well, that was a find cigar. I'm not an aficionado or anything, but I've smoked enough cigars to know what "I" like in a cigar.

This cigar was very well constructed. Beautiful, fragrant and smooth all around. It lit well, and burned very evenly. There were wonderful flavours coming through. A bit of punch, some pepper, cream, and tangy at times too. It was very powerful towards the end in the ol' nic department; good if you've had a robust lunch or supper (I did, thank God).

I would recommend this cigar to those non-Cuban smokers out there.

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