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Decadent Breakfast

Keeping it simple this morning for a little solo breakfast. Taking advantage of the fact that Shelley is at work, I cooked up some ground lamb that I had bought.

I decided to cook it up and serve it with some scrambled eggs with fresh, green onion, salt & pepper.

Our painting contractor had brought us some fresh tomatoes from his own garden, so I sliced those up and had them on the plate with just a touch of sprinkled Greek rock salt - adds a wonderful punch of flavour.

Once the ground lamb was done, it was strained and then added to the scrambled eggs and green onion. A little cup of Nespresso coffee on the side, sans toast this morning just to keep 'er on the Keto side of things.

Enjoyed a lovely bowl of tobacco on a little walk outside afterwards. Now I'm getting ready to head to Tunney's Pasture Station to do battle with the inevitable SNO's and run cuts for the afternoon circus (people getting home).

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