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Dijon Mustard Sauce

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

It's been a while since posting...we are in the process of moving, so a new house for us this coming weekend. Tonight, however, we cooked up some pork chops on the barbeque and threw on some potatoes to have baked potatoes. Something was going to be missing (beside veggies!), so I thought I would whip up a little sauce for the pork chops.

(It's been a day or so now and I have to say that we LOVE this little sauce very much. It works as the sauce I made to spoon over the hot pork chops, but it also works as a dipping sauce for chicken or pork as well. I ended up eating my pork chop cold, but dipped the chunks of chop in the sauce and it was dee-lic-ious!)


2 shallots, small, chopped

5 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

black pepper, to taste

1 squeeze of Bovril (chicken or beef)

4 tbsps Dijon mustard

1 cup vegetable (or chicken) broth

3/4 cup whipping cream (or other heavy cream)

splash of Marsala wine


1. In a frying pan, add your olive oil, garlic, and shallots. Stir over medium high heat.

2. After a few minutes as the shallots and garlic start to colour, squeeze a little of the Bovril into the mix and continue to move it around.

3. When this starts to stick or thicken on to the frying pan, add your Marsala wine to deglaze the pan. Continue to stir, and then add your vegetable or chicken stock.

4. Now, drop in your Dijon mustard and smooth it around until it blends in with the sauce.

5. Next, add your cream and lower the heat to just above simmering, stirring so it doesn't stick or get too thick.

6. Be sure to taste the sauce now. Add more mustard if it's lacking some 'punch' or some sprinkled pepper. NO salt - there should be enough in the Bovril and stock. If it tastes too much like mustard, then add a little bit more cream and heat through.

When the sauce is ready to serve, pour through a strainer into a clean bowl. Using a spoon, ladle over your pork chops and maybe around the plate a little bit. One could also spoon some on to the potatoes too.


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