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Favourite Cigar

This is one of my favourite cigars. But, be's a flavour bomb.

I was on vacation in Florida at the World Famous Cigar Bar in Estero when I was introduced to this cigar. I was in their walk-in humidor looking for a cigar to smoke when the cigar staff member remembered that I smoked a pipe. He suggested I try one of their "Upsetters" cigars. He did warn me that they were very flavourful.

I bought a couple of them and lit one up right away. It was such a different experience and the flavour was very unique. I enjoyed it very much. What makes this cigar so special? They contain a premium blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos paired with rare cow tongue leaf grown in Jamaica. I know, I know....cow tongue? Indigenous to Jamaica, this varietal called cow tongue, or silver tongue, grows wild in the island’s fertile, volcanic soil, and locals use it to make a powerful mixture normally smoked in pipes. In addition, a special Caribbean herbal process established thousands of years ago is infused into each Upsetters cigar

These cigars are very difficult, if not impossible, to find here in Canada. My wife was visiting down in Florida and I had a box ordered and delivered to where she was staying for her to bring back for me. Worth it.

If you're a fan of the infused stick, give this one a try if you ever cross paths.

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