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Measuring or weighing?

I was combing through Facebook when I saw this. There are some recipes that I make where they have me weighing my flour out. There are others where the flour is measured out into a cup such as the ones shown above.

Usually, for me, the type of flour being used is expressly indicated in the recipe. If the recipe calls for 'all purpose flour', use all purpose flour!!

I once substituted "cake and pastry' flour for 'all purpose' flour in a pound cake recipe. Not good. The finished product was still edible, but it wasn't as 'cakey' or 'bready' as I wanted.

The other thing to mention is that sometimes a recipe will have you sift your flour into your measuring cup. The flour that falls through the sifter into your measuring cup will be much lighter and fluffier. Never take your measuring cup and 'scoop' your flour in to it out of the bag-- you end up with much too much flour. It's best to spoon your flour out of the bag, and then let that flour from your spoon gently drop in to your measuring cup all the way to the top, then skim the top off with a straight knife.

Sometimes one has to just play around with the recipe. But if you have a recipe based on weight, and not measuring - well, it might be a little more consistent.

Any thoughts? Comment below!

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