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Norway 2023

Shelley and I are fourteen days away from starting our trip to Norway. It will be our first time visiting family and friends over there, and we are very excited to be going. The bonus? My sister, Kristine, who lives in Vancouver, will also be going with us. We will be meeting up in Frankfurt, Germany, before our flight all together from there to Oslo.

Our itinerary has us there for about seventeen days. Oslo, Kongsberg, Bergen, Flåm, Bodø, Lofoten Islands....a pretty big tour!

This space will capture our trip. I once had a travel blog for my travels in Kandahar, Afghanistan, but that blog platform changed hands and I almost lost all of the narrative and photos that I took. Someone took great pains to download some of the site to make it accessible to read, but no more editing, etc...

Given this, I decided that posting my entries here would be more beneficial to keep things 'in house' so to speak.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Entries will be submitted when we can while we're on the road. I hope to have little tid-bits of information and insights to help others plan their own trip to Norway. It's a beautiful country with equally beautiful people (inside 'n out).

Let's go!

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