Out for a stroll

After finishing a nice breakfast of ground lamb with scrambled eggs and green onion; fresh tomatoes - I went out for a nice stroll around the neighbourhood.

This Peterson pipe is from their Grafton line in the 221 shape. They sport a Cumberland stem which adds a very nice look to the light staining on the pipe.

The tobacco jar contains GL Pease "Raven's Wing" from a batch purchased in 2004 by my ol' pipe smoking mentor Doug (Rusty). I chose the Peterson and the tobacco together in memory of him and another fellow from smokersforums.co.uk known there as "Old Tom" who was very much a Peterson man and ran the Peterson forum there after Chuck passed away.

The weather was perfect for an enjoyable bowl of tobacco. Stepping outside, I lit the well-packed tobacco and the flame hit the tobacco and my first draw was heavenly. This was a really great tobacco with Syrian Latakia. Wonderful, smoky flavour - pungent but sweet 'n a bit salty - like smoky leather. Mmmmmm.

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